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Dog Walking Service

This is the number one thing that we all have in common, our love for walking dogs and working with animals that adore us! Each of us brings a variety of strengths to this company. We have been able to work as a group and create one of the best pet care team  in all of New York City. We are constantly sharing our opinions and ideas on how to provide the best walking experience for our/your pups on a daily basis. 

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House sitting in the comfort of your home!

We cover all your house sitting needs! Not only do we watch over your home, we make sure your Furbaby has all of our love and attention. There is nothing easy about leaving a family member at home. Unfortunately not every pup can travel by our sides. Honestly,  booking us the next time you're out of town is a better idea since the creation of avocado toast. We also send photos and daily updates. Sometimes we can get annoying with the updates, so just let us know if were being too much. THE DOGGOS ARE JUST SO CUTE WE CANT HELP IT! 

Boarding at our home!

For a discounted price we take your pup with us to our home for an extended stay. We offer an one on one cage free environment (unlike biscuits and bath and other over packed facilities) Our services takes place in the comfort of our own home! We actually fills up pretty fast so make sure to book us in advance! All written references are available on the testimonial page! Please feel free to look around our site and get familiar with us! 

dog grooming in our home


We are now offering GROOMING while boarding option! Get your pets nails trimmed, a sanitary clip, bathe and fluff or their anal glands expressed from an experienced and certified Pet Stylist! Drop your pup off and prepared yourself to be amazed at what they'll look like before going home! Never worry about the hassle of taking your pup to the groomer before or after your time away from New York. We use organic coconut oil infused shampoo and *conditioner! 

*Conditioner depends on the coat dryness and season